Acting training means developing an artistic awareness for your bodyyou’re your language from the perspective of the audience, conveyed by way of an enlightening charisma and sophisticated expression. Our full training course over three years begins either with the entrance examination or a different type of admission event, such as a seminar. You are always on the stage and in front of the camera and develop artistic projects for audiences. Your talent as an actor grows with the challenges we give you and that you give yourself. The skill to present and communicate generates the most promising career opportunities in the future of our society and makes the profession of an actor unique. Break a leg!


The organic structure of our training!

The effective composition of weekly classes produces a meaningful organisation of the training.

Training modules

Key specialist topics of the acting profession in particular situations.

Modules are additional classes that can be taken within your training program. Here, specific topics can be learned in modules, which don't fit quite so well into the weekly timetable, and deserve and call for this exclusivity and uniqueness. Modules wake, shake and motivate!

Adult education

Brand new: a qualification for the stage in
"Film and Drama" for adults as an extra-occupational course.

Artrium starts 2018/19 with a full training program for working adults. Depending on your possibilities, a special timetable is developed together with you, consisting of all-day classes (if possible), evening classes and seminars and/or special weekend classes. A lot of people want to turn the idea of being an actor into a real part of their lives. Time for creativity calls for creative approaches. If you are interested in this opportunity and are willing to dedicate yourself over a longer period of time, then contact us to arrange an appointment.