The Costs

High quality training of your abilities is the most sensible investment you can make in a successful future.

Our training program re-connects your artistic nervous system again and again to meet the special challenges you set yourself. A high level of quality is the most important incentive for developing your systemic network.

• The full training (25-30 hours / week) to stage maturity: 1st year 490 € per month. The 2nd and 3rd year each month + 40 €.

• The adult evening training to stage maturity: Depending on the module composition +/- 350 € per month.

• The evening course: 125 € per month, continuously.

• The master class for professional actors: 185 € per month, continuously.

• Workshops and seminars as well as special events are listed individually in the brochures.

Refunds Canceled booked seminars:

up to 8 weeks before 80%, up to 4 weeks before 50%, up to 2 weeks before 20%, then 0%.

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