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Direction: Lukas Scheja; actor, director, producer

2-Days Film-Seminar for future film actors.

Course content: In "small teams", we shoot very special camera scenes of the participants on a lit film set and study the results simultaneously on a large screen. We are interested in what it takes to be genuine and what this means for actors, based on detailed aspects of the scenes.

We try out different "play areas" and improvise using the international terminology and language used on film sets. This special film-acting seminar is a particularly valuable and a fascinating experience for all fans of film and cinematography. The seminar is also recommended as further training for acting professionals. 

The first film, co-produced by Lukas Schejas' Hamburg film production "AlsterGlobalVillage" has received 39 awards worldwide from international festivals: best director, best company acting, best camera, etc.

Location: Artrium, Thedestraße 99
Date: 10.10. & 11.10.2020
Time: Saturdays and Sundays 10.00 AM - 5.00 PM
Cost:  230,- €

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