Short Films

Short films or demo tapes are proof of the quality of a budding film actor. If you watch our short films, you will discover that we shoot according to the international feature film standard. For our budding film actors, these short films are remarkable and recommendable for watching. Have fun!

Short film: Whatever you want

Short film: Die 7 Psychopathen

Short film: Ground Zero

»Auf ewig nah.« • Actors: Ingmar Grapenbrade, Alina Hill, Sabine Ladzig

»Revenge"« • Actors: Sabine Ladzik, Nicolas Buss

»A leading Wolf would never betray« • Actors: Dennis Feuerbach, Jarryd Alexander Haynes

»Maikäfer Flieg«• Production, Cast & Actor: Uta Scheja, Christiane Stauffer

»Shinzia & Laurely«• Production, Cast & Actor: Patrizia Kaymaz, Kristin Johnstone

»Hunting Shadows« • Production, Cast & Actor: Anna-Lea Geiszler, Alina Hill

»Jung Zu« • Short film / demo tape, Actor: Florian Butschkau