The performing arts produce unique artistic projects for their audiences. The self-awareness of the professional is just a small part of our profession. It is more about services of an artistic kind from the perspective of another. Projects are therefore the essence of our quality-oriented acting training.

Film Projects

Viewed through the magnifying glass of a camera, a stage actor can also become an actor for film.

If you know how: in our medial world, training as a film actor is an essential part of our acting training. Film-level acting is a must to produce actors able to find success. At Artrium, the topic of film is examined in all its facets.

Theatre Projects

If an actor doesn’t have the ability to act on a stage, he isn’t an actor.

Stage presence is the basis of our profession on the stage and also in film. Emphatic skills are developed gradually over years of training and can then be used and applied. Theatre projects are the heart of our profession. It is unique that a stage appearance is developed together with the audience. That really is something special.


If an artistic institution doesn’t produce any surprises then it isn’t one.

The specials are the spice in our training. The ongoing, artistic surprises for our actors keep them artistically fit, demand “new” from them all the time and train them for the real world, which often has a few specials up its sleeve and calls for the ability to improvise and be artistically flexible.