Procedure for the entrance examination at a glance

The entrance exam at Artrium begins with a training together with the ensemble of our actors. This is followed by a short meeting with our management team. Next, you continue with your auditions, which we work at together as a team. The length of your prepared scenes for the audition should therefore be not more than 3-5 minutes per scene. Important: A costume for every character!

Song and role

For your song it helps if you know which character is singing and in which location it is situated. A simple song, English or German, is fine. You can sing playback (CD or miniplayer) or sing without accompaniment. If any questions arise, you present your second role. The next step is a meeting, where you hear information and details about your acting talent and whether Artrium can offer you a place on the course. You will, in all cases, receive respectful feedback about your work! The day is like a day on a training course at Artrium.

Information: We know that you are still a beginner. The point of the entrance examination is to check your basic aptitude for the profession as an actor. Therefore: have trust, be prepared, ready to work, and honest!


•  the vivid desire to become an actor
•  a completed school education
•  the completed "online form" registration
•  2 prepared drama scenes and 1 song / song of your choice
•  the transfer of the examination fee to the Artrium account*

•••*Account Information: •••
Hamburger Sparkasse (HASPA),
Konto: Artrium, Betrag: €35,- /IBAN: DE46200505501026218949  
BIC: HASPDEHHXXX (in the subject "Recording" and your "name")

Tips for your entrance examination

••• TIP 1. •••
Learn your texts off by heart so that they flow even when you speak them in different styles, without you having to think about the order of the lines. This helps avoid "drying" on stage or tripping over your words and you can concentrate fully on your role.

••• TIP 2. •••
We recommend investing ample time to rehearse your own scenes and your song. This helps you feel more secure and at ease in the scene, even if you are nervous.
••• TIP 3. •••
Don’t worry too much about the singing. What we find interesting is to see how musical you are and what kind of a vocal type you are. Remember to have fun! Actors don’t have to sing like singers!