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Throughout this program you will
develop yourself, your creative spirit and your artistic mind into a professional excellence.
We guide you on your individual path to an artistic career - so that you will find where you want it to lead you!
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You can find out more by having a look at the contents of the individual classes.


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Bitte beschreibe uns wie Du dazu gekommen bist, Schauspieler/in zu werden?
What have your experiences been so far in theatre and film? Have you already performed before an audience?
What does it mean to you to become an artist? What does art mean to you?
Are there any other things you would like to tell us?
How will you finance your training? Will you receive support from people in your immediate environment?
Do you have any questions you would like to ask before we invite you to an interview at the Artrium?

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  • There might be a training beforehand with the ensemble, so you will need clothing permitting for movement.
  • Have two monologues (one classical, one modern / around three to four minutes, resoectively) and a song prepared, each with their own costume. One of the scenes needs to be performed in German, the song can be in the language of your choice. Please refrain from auditioning with your own material. 
  • It is important and helpful for your performances to know what character is speaking/singing and in what location they are in. The song can be simple. You can choose to use a playback, instrumental accompaniment or sing a cappella. 
  • We will work together on your scenes. You will learn in a direct, brief and respectful feedback, whether you are offered a place in our acting school.

    Information: We know that you are most likely at the very beginning. Therefore emphatically: Take heart!