Das Artrium

Theatre, film, digital media and artistic performances of all kinds go hand in hand with the highly sophisticated international training at our landmarked vocational drama school, set in Hamburg's scene district Altona.
For 17 years now we have been cultivating a full acting curriculum set according to international standards, the notable seminar academy with adult trainings, evening courses, the Masterclass, as well as challenging and engaging workshops.
The individual development of our actors/actresses into unique charismatic artistic personalities with stable careers on stage, in film - and beyond - is paramount to us.

Believe in yourself and in others! Discover more and more! Make a difference in the world.


We are a team of three.

We work together, taking on the responsibility for unique, high quality and international training of stage personalities, providing career stability and vitality.



Our tutors are role models

It means a lot to teach. For us in our profession as active tutors, developing our students is the heart of what we do. Caring and consistent is the educational direction our training follows and proves popular and successful among our actors.



Our professional actors

Our qualified actors impress and actively shape their profession. Students who successfully complete our qualification for the stage in “Film and Drama” can rely on the quality of their training an entire life-time and know exactly where they stand professionally. Our graduates can also draw on a wealth of professional experience gathered during the training program already.